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Laughter, mindfulness, and self-compassion are more powerful motivators for behavior change than ultimatums or fear. As your health coach, we co-create a positive space where you cultivate a vision for your more vibrant physical and mental health.

I want you to leave our work together with a clearer sense of your innate abilities and a shift in mindset away from negative thought patterns and towards possibilities. This is the work that leads to lasting, sustainable behavior change.

Each of my clients is innately resourceful, creative and whole. I love the process of watching them rediscover their strengths and the values that ground and guide them through life.

Together we explore each area of your life that brings you fulfillment and challenges. And then, stone by stone, we build a path towards change and a happier, healthier you!

Coaching Areas


Master of Arts Degree, Health Communications
Johns Hopkins University

Certificate in Health Coaching
Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

Certificate in Health Literacy
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Undergraduate Science Coursework
Anatomy and physiology, biology, nutrition

Outdoor Leadership Trainings
National Outdoor Leadership School


I worked for over 15 years in the mental health field, specifically in admissions and marketing positions for nonprofit residential treatment programs. For more information on my past experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Alongside my current health coaching work, I continue my work in nonprofit marketing, currently supporting the wonderful work of Gould Farm, a therapeutic farm in Massachusetts, and the Collective Leadership Institute, a German nonprofit focused on systems change and sustainability.

I was the creator, producer, and co-host of the Mental Horizons Podcast which got invited to the SXSW podcast stage! My two favorite episodes of that podcast were with Georgia Ede, MD and with Chris Palmer, MD on the topic of nutritional psychiatry.

This podcast came out of my work with Virgil Stucker and Associates, a therapeutic consulting firm specializing in working with families seeking mental health care. I helped Virgil launch his business and for three years was his Operations Director and Family Liaison.

Also with Virgil, I co-authored the booklet, A Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery, What You Need to Know from Day One.

In addition to these past experiences, I have completed or am working on the following:

Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition
Deakin University, 2019

Functional Training Movement Specialist
American Council on Exercise

​DBT Skills with Marsha Linehan
PsychWire, 2018

Community Conflict Mediation
The Mediation Center, Asheville, NC