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I am a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, a Functional Medicine Certified Health coach and a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner. I have also completed the advanced training with the Center for Mind Body Medicine. My own journey with autoimmunity evolved into a passion for functional medicine, coaching and nutrition. From my own experience and from coaching courageous, motivated women with a variety of health challenges, I have seen first hand how food and lifestyle choices can be incredibly powerful medicine. I am passionate about co-creating personalized plans with my clients as they navigate their healing path.

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I offer a fresh approach for women living with symptoms and challenges of chronic illness like autoimmunity and chronic stress in order to restore balance.  Together, we create a personalized lifestyle roadmap to get you feeling more like yourself again. Given the right healing ingredients, delicious, colorful foods, restorative sleep, movement you love, calm, connection and joy, your body can rediscover harmony.