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Abby Hand, MSN, RN, FMCHConline

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Hello! I’m Abby, a Wellness Consultant, Masters Prepared Registered Nurse, and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. I specialize in helping women with autoimmune disease regain their health and vitality. Why? Because I’ve been there! I know how hard it is to live with an “invisible illness”. I also know that symptom reduction, improved quality of life and even remission is possible through lifestyle and behavioral changes. 


But these strategies aren’t useful just for autoimmune disease- anyone can benefit from the philosophies and values inspired by functional medicine! So if you’re trying to manage a chronic condition, preparing for a healthy pregnancy, or simply want to invest in your future health, you could benefit from wellness consulting and health coaching.


My Goals:

1) Help women better understand the nature of their autoimmune, metabolic and other chronic conditions

2) Support women in optimizing their health, before, during and after pregnancy

3) Empower all to build positive, sustainable health and behavioral changes


What are your goals?

Coaching Areas
  • Autoimmune Disease Management
  • Other Chronic Disease Management
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • General Wellness and Health Optimization